The World is a Fucked Up Place.

Yesterday, along with thousands of others, we learned about the actions of a man named Martin Shkreli, who recently obtained the rights to a medication that is critical to the survival of many AIDS and cancer patients. His company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, shamelessly raised the price of this medication from $13.50/pill to $750/pill overnight.

As the events of the day unraveled, we were heartbroken to come to learn that this man was a major financial contributor to Collect Records. As you all know, we released an album with Collect this past summer. From the start we have only ever dealt with people we respected and trusted (Norman, Geoff, and Shaun) and have never met, seen or spoken to Martin Shkreli.

In the whirlwind that has followed, some details concerning the future of Collect remain very blurry (read Geoff Rickley’s comments here). We would like to make one thing clear – we would never knowingly work with Martin Shkreli, or anybody willing to walk across the backs of the sick and dying with a smile on their face for the sake of making a profit. As long as Shkreli is involved with Collect Records, directly or indirectly, we cannot be.

We are extremely excited about the new material we’ve been writing and will continue to tour exhaustively. We don’t know what the future of Collect will look like but we respect everyone else there who we’ve worked so hard with, and want nothing but the best for each and every one of them.

Stay Punk,

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Video Premier: Dried Out

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Creepoid Summer Tour 2015

Creepoid Summer Tour 2015 Marriages Swirlies Cemetery Highrise Slum
More Dates TBA…

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Upcoming Shows w/ SWIRLIES !!!

Creepoid Swirlies Wind Dam Ottobar Baltimore MDCreepoid Swirlies North Carolina Wailin StormsCreepoid Swirlies Eureka California Bowery South Earl

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Cemetery Highrise Slum – Available Now

Cemetery Highrise SlumGet it on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play if you are too lazy/frightened to leave your house. Otherwise, get it in special color vinyl at indie record stores everywhere or from our label Collect Records. Our friends at Banquet Records in the UK have it in CD and in special bone-colored vinyl. And if for any reason you can’t find our album, be sure to ask your local record store to order it for you. In the meantime, you can stream it on our Bandcamp page.

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Cemetery Highrise Slum – Full Stream @ SPIN

The folks at SPIN just premiered Cemetery Highrise Slum in it’s entirety. Check it out HERE.

Creepoid Cemetery Highrise Slum Premier Stream SPIN

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Cemetery Highrise Slum Pre-orders

Cemetery Highrise Slum Limited Edition Pre-order

Pre-orders are going fast! The Blue is sold out but you can still get either the Clear w/Silver & Gold Splatter or Amber versions.

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Refused Party Program

Creepoid Refused NYC

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Record Release Shows

Creepoid Cemetery Highrise Slum No Joy Ecstatic Vision Swirlies

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Pre-Order Cemetery Highrise Slum NOW

Creepoid Preorder Cemetery Highrise Slum

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